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Welcome to MySendero, a web page designed especially for Sendero GPS users.

Whether you are new to Sendero's software or are an expert, the following links will give you access to important information as well as keeping you updated about the latest developments.

Maps, POIs, Software and Sounds

Read Map/Software download Instructions. Download Maps, POIs, software and license keys. This is the secure login page that gives licensed GPS and Way To Go users access to downloadable maps and software. You will need your BrailleNote serial number and a private password from Sendero to login. This will be emailed to you after your purchase. You must have a high speed connection to download maps.

Custom Sounds

Uninstall Software

GPS Uninstall mPower and PK
GPS Uninstall Classic

Replay files for Sendero GPS

A GPS Replay file is just as the name implies. It is a file that records the GPS information while you are out traveling so that you can play it back later to review your trip. It would be similar to having a tape recorder while traveling with your GPS. Instead of recording sounds, a GPS Replay records your movements. Your movements can be played back as if you were actually out exploring in real time. Various GPS users have sent in their Replay files to share with all our users. Visit Sendero GPS online documentation for details on using these Replay files

Mike's route to and around the West Point Inn on Mount Tamalpais: Includes 3 .TRC files, East peak to West Point Inn, West Point In to Pan Toll Ranger Station, West Point Inn to Ridgecrest

Mike's routes from the Greenway Walk in Ireland: Includes 4 .TRC files, Nevins to Mullranny, Newport to Mullranny, To Achill, Westport to Newport

Mike's virtual tour of East Brother Island to shore and then along the dirt road that connects with the paved portion of Western Drive in Richmond

Mike's virtual tour of his trip from Parismina to Tortuguero via the rivers in Northeast Costa Rica

Mike's Sea plane trip from Orcas to Seattle

Mike's various files from his trek on the Camino de Santiago, Spain

Bob Sweetman's Paraglider flight that he took in the Grand Tetons. You run off of a cliff on Rendezvous mountain at about the 8800 foot level, and land in a park at about 6500 feet. When you start running, you actually lift off before you hit the cliff edge.

Way Fun 2008 group walking tour in the west of England

Kevin Chao's tour of Victoria, BC using the Sendero GPS He visited three cities, crossed three bridges, visited the beach, China Town, went on a scavenger hunt all using the Sendero GPS and great Orientation and Mobility skills. I was able to get the name of the streets, bridges, provide directions to the places and found out that we walked 50K throughout the three day stay.

Kevin Chao's Half Dome Yosemite files