Comparison between Sendero GPS and Trekker

What are some of the major differences of Sendero GPS products and Trekker?

Note: Sighted instructors should carefully consider the long term benefit of the blind user they might be instructing versus what may be easier for the sighted instructor to learn. Most sighted users will not be using the device on a regular basis so the tendency is to choose a unit they can easily remember rather than what might be appropriate for the blind person who uses the product regularly. Are we setting the bar of expectations appropriately?

Both BrailleNote and Trekker offer multiple PDA applications as well as GPS. The Sendero GPS runs on all the BrailleNote and VoiceNote products and the Trekker GPS runs with the Maestro PDA applications. Note that the BrailleNote has either a Braille or laptop style keyboard as does the VoiceNote, which does not have a Braille display.

The BrailleNote offers a full keyboard and Maestro/Trekker works with a 33button keypad. The PDA applications are more highly developed on the BrailleNote. Maestro covers the basic applications. So, if a PDA is of primary importance, the BrailleNote can provide better productivity. See product brochures regarding the PDA applications.

This document covers the differences in the GPS functions. Both systems provide the basics of GPS.

Summary of Key Sendero GPS benefits to remember: Keyboard versus keypad, much richer POI content, turn-by-turn manual routes off-road and on campus, Better preview of auto route turning announcements. Excellent PDA applications on the BrailleNote and the option of a built-in Braille display.

Besides the BrailleNote products, Sendero GPS is also on the Braille Sense and Voice Sense from GW Micro as well as on Windows Mobile devices with Mobile Speak and Mobile Geo. Sendero is proud that it has spawned competition so blind people have choices. We believe that the Sendero GPS, developed by blind people, for blind people, is a very powerful independence tool and deserves your serious consideration.