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BrailleNote and VoiceNote QT GPS Commands, Quick Reference Guide

Announce Summary of Current Location: SPACEBAR

Location Lookup: L

Nearest POIs: F

Find POIs: READ with F

Where am I Commands: HELP then W

Nearest Intersection if you are not Moving, Next Intersection if you are Moving: X

Detailed Description of Intersection: READ with X

Nearest Street Address: A

Current City: C

Detailed Description of your Current Location: READ with C

Heading Compass and Degrees: H

Latitude and Longitude: Y

Altitude: Z

Which Mode am I in? GPS or Virtual: READ with I

GPS Commands: HELP then G

Speed: S

Approximate GPS Distance-Accuracy, and Number of Satellites: G

Quality and Detailed GPS Accuracy: Q

Switch to GPS Mode: V

Distance Between Virtual and GPS Positions: I

Force GPS Heading: READ with H

Greenwich Mean Time: U

Set BrailleNote Time to GPS Time: READ with U

Set GPS Receiver: O, G

Reconnect to Bluetooth GPS Receiver: CONTROL with R

Toggle Pause/Resume GPS Replay: CONTROL with Q

Start/Stop Recording GPS Replay: READ with Q

Write Annotation to GPS Replay: READ with W

Virtual Commands: HELP then V

Switch to Virtual Mode: V

Set Virtual Position by Address: L

Set Virtual Position to GPS Position: READ with G

Set Virtual Position to a Map: CONTROL with V

Set Virtual Position by Latitude and Longitude: READ with Y

Distance Between Virtual and GPS Positions: I

Move Forward One Intersection: CONTROL Up Arrow

Virtual Cross Street (Apex only): READ Up Arrow

Turn to Next Street on Left: CONTROL Left Arrow

Turn to Next Street on Right: CONTROL Right Arrow

Move Backward One Intersection: CONTROL Down Arrow

Destination Commands: HELP then D

Heading and Distance to Destination: D

Set Destination by Address: L

Set Destination to POI or Waypoint: READ with D

Set Both Virtual and Destination to a POI Or Waypoint: READ with 2

Set Destination by Latitude and Longitude: READ with Y

Points of Interest Commands: HELP then P

POI Action Menu: CONTROL with P

Media Playback: SLASH

Find Nearest Points in All Categories: F

Find POIs by Name Specifying a Category in All Directions: READ with F

Find POIs by Category, Distance, Direction or by a Specific Field: CONTROL with F

Find Nearest POIs-User Defined Category, Subcategory: CONTROL with U

Announce Current POI: P

View Details of Current POI: READ with P

Create a User POI at GPS or Virtual Position: READ with R

Create User POI by Address: L

Create User POI from Latitude and Longitude: READ with Y

Edit User Points of Interest: E, U

Move to Next POI: Down Arrow

Move to Previous POI: Up Arrow

Nearest POI: READ with T

Furthest POI: READ with B

Jump Forward 10 POIs: Right Arrow

Jump Back 10 POIs: Left Arrow

Route Commands: R

Route Announcement Commands List: R, A

Current Waypoint: K

Nearest Waypoint: N

Next Turn or Road Transition: T

Route Distance and ETA from Current Position to Explore Waypoint: R, A, G

Total Route Distance: R, A, D

Announce Route Distance from Beginning of Route to Current Position: R, A, B

Announce Route Distance and ETA from Current Position to End of the Route: R, A, E

Route Management Commands List: R, M

Pedestrian Turn Preference: R, M, X

Vehicle Turn Preference: R, M, U

Vehicle Route mode: R, M, B

Highways Preference: R, M, H

Toll Road Preference: R, M, T

Roundabout Preference: R, M, O

Route Lookaround Preference: R, M, L

Set Current Waypoint to Nearest GPS Position: READ with N

Edit Route: E, R

Add Current POI as a Waypoint: R, M, P

Add Current GPS or Virtual Position as Waypoint: READ with K

Auto Increment Waypoint, On/Off (GPS Mode): R, M, A

Force Sequential Route Following (GPS Mode): R, M, F

Route Mode Turns or Waypoints: R, M, M

Waypoint Numbering, On/Off (GPS Mode): R, M, G

Waypoint Numbering, On/Off (Virtual Mode): R, M, V

Auto Recalculate Route: R, M, R

Auto close route at destination: R, M, C

Create Pedestrian Route: R, P

Create Vehicle Route: R, V

Create Manual Route: R, O

Create Route From Replay File: R, F

Open Route: R, O

Save Route: R, S

Close Route: R, C

Save Route Directions (Text File): R, D

Explore Route Next Waypoint: READ with Up Arrow

Explore Route Previous Waypoint: READ with Down Arrow

Explore Route Next Turn: READ with Right Arrow

Explore Route Previous Turn: READ with Left Arrow

Recalculate Route: BACKSLASH

Reverse Route: R, R

Distance to route destination, Percent of Route Completed and ETA: %

Route Information: R, I

Remaining Waypoints in Route List: CONTROL with I

LookAround Commands: READ with M

LookAround On/Off (Toggle): READ with M, L

Route Lookaround Preference: READ with M, R

POI Search Direction: READ with M, D

Commercial POIs- On/Off- if on which Category Subcategory: READ with M, P

Intersections- On/Off: READ with M, X

User POIs- On/Off: READ with M, U

Street Changes- On/Off: READ with M, S

City Changes- On/Off: READ with M, C

Map Changes- On/Off: READ with M, M

Commercial POI Categories- READ with M, A

LookAround Time Interval: READ with M, T

Silence Intersection Announcements When Speed Reaches: READ with M, I

Multiple Repeat Commands: M

Turn Off All Multiple Repeat Commands: M, M

Multiple Repeat Delay: M, R

Trigger Multiple Repeat Announcements Manually: CONTROL with S

Intersections: M, X

Detailed Intersections: M, N

Heading: M, H

Destination: M, D

Virtual: M, V

Route Next Waypoint: M, K

Route Next Turn: M, T

Route ETA: M, E

Speed: M, S

GPS Status: M, G

City: M, C

Address: M, A

Nearest POI: M, F

Current POI: M, P

Altitude: M, Z

Miscellaneous Commands: HELP then C

History List: CONTROL with READ with H

Favorites List: CONTROL with 1

Add Current Position to Favorites: READ with V

Odometer GPS Accumulated Distances: B

Odometer Virtual Accumulated Distances: B

Reset GPS Odometer: CONTROL with B

Reset Virtual Odometer: CONTROL with B

Lock/Unlock the Keyboard: CONTROL with L

Spell Name: CONTROL with K

Redo Last Command: ENTER

Repeat Last Announcement: REPEAT key

Interrupt Speech: READ with SPACE

Append Last Spoken Item to Clipboard: CONTROL with C

Add Virtual Annotation: HELP, C, N

Virtual Annotations List: HELP, C, O

Option Commands: O

Map and POI Folder: O, M

Virtual Side of Street Tracking (Apex only): O, T

Heading Orientation: O, H

Units: O, U

Select GPS Receiver: O, G

Speed Alert: O, E

Change to EZ mode: O, X

Restore Factory Default Settings: O, R

Sounds Menu: O, S

Turn On/Off all Sounds: O, S, S

Play Nearest Intersection: O, S, X

Play Background Operation: O, S, B

Play Destination Arrival: O, S, D

Play Virtual Arrival: O, S, A

Play POI Has Media Content: O, S, M

Play Route Turn Approaching: O, S, W

Play Route Waypoint Turn Now: O, S, T

Play Route Turn Around: O, S, E

Play Route Continue Straight: O, S, C

Play Route Off-Route: O, S, O

Play Route Recalculating Pedestrian: O, S, P

Play Route Recalculating Vehicle: O, S, V

Play LookAround Street Change: O, S, F

Play LookAround City Change: O, S, G

Play LookAround Map Change: O, S, H

Play Speed Alert: O, S, L

Play Annotation Reached in GPS Replay: O, S, C

Advanced GPS Options: O, A

Change POI Author Name: O, A, A

Register Software or New Maps: O, A, R

Languages: O, A, L

Set GPS Heading Averaging: O, A, H

Street Name, Short/Long: O, A, N

Arrival Distance: O, A, D

User Definable POI Search: O, A, U

Free POI Database SPACE: O, A, F

Near Threshold: O, A, T

Braille Display Delay: O, A, B

ENTER Key Repeats Last Command: O, A, C

Information Center: HELP then I

About GPS: HELP then I, A

Command Summary: HELP then I, C

Sendero GPS User Guide: HELP then I, U

License Agreement: HELP then I, L

Sendero Contact Information: HELP then I, S

GPS Version Changes: HELP then I, G


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