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Mobile Speak Licensing Description

Mobile Speak 4 comes with a new licensing system which offers many benefits and allows maximum flexibility. Users can choose between two licensing methods, one based upon your telephone number (known as phone-number-based licensing), and one based upon a unique identifier for your device (known as device-based licensing). A detailed description of each of these licensing methods is available on Code Factory's web page.

  1. Mobile Speak 4's phone number based licensing method
  2. This is the new licensing method for Mobile Speak. It is based on your mobile telephone number. When activating your license you will be asked to enter your mobile phone number.

    The main advantage of this new licensing system is its cross-platform and cross-device capabilities, which allow you to move your license of Mobile Speak, Mobile Magnifier, and other Code Factory products free of charge between supported Symbian phones, Windows Mobile Smartphones and Pocket PCs as many times as you wish, as long as you keep the same phone number. Remember that Mobile Speak and Mobile Magnifier are cross platform and cross device whereas Mobile DAISY Player, Color Recognizer and Mobile Geo are only cross device, they are not available on both platforms, Symbian and Windows Mobile. If you change phone numbers, you will need to purchase a number transfer to continue using your Code Factory products.

  3. Mobile Speak 4's device based licensing method
  4. This licensing method is based on the device serial number of your mobile phone, which is obtained in the Mobile Speak Control Panel. For both, Symbian and Windows Mobile: Configure Mobile Speak > Options > About > SN 000XXXXXXXXXXXX this is a 15 digit number always starting with 000! Please keep in mind this is not the IMEI number of your device although it is based on it). Therefore, if you want to use your license on a new device you will have to buy a license transfer. However, there are no restrictions when changing phone numbers or SIM cards, which result in a phone number change. As long as you keep the same device, you can change phone numbers as many times as you wish.

Activation Manager

After installing Mobile Speak or Mobile Magnifier, you can activate the products or obtain a trial license through the Activation Manager. On Symbian devices, the Activation Manager is launched when entering Configure Mobile Speak > Options > Product Activation. On Windows Mobile devices, first launch the MS Control Panel using the "Mobile Speak" shortcut found in the Today Screen or in the Start menu. Once opened, navigate to "Activation Manager" and press Enter.

Before attempting an activation, please make sure that your phone has service and is not in offline or flight mode, and that the date and time are set correctly.

The Activation Manager will communicate with the Code Factory licensing server using your preferred method of connection:

  • Via the internet using your device's connection with a Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Via the internet using your mobile phone's internet service. Please consult your mobile phone provider about configurations on how to get this to work, as well as any charges for using the service.
  • On Windows Mobile devices, via the internet using an ActiveSync partnership between your device and a PC with an existing internet connection.
  • Via SMS/text message. Please consult your mobile phone provider regarding charges for sending and receiving SMS from international numbers. Refer also to our list of mobile phone networks confirmed to work with SMS activations.

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