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PeopleFinder Lite User Guide

People Finder Lite, version 1.01

By Sendero Group

This free app is intended to help friends and colleagues find each other when in close proximity. Many social networking apps allow people to know they are in the same building but few if any help locate each other when in visual range for obvious reasons. If you cannot see or if you are looking for someone you don't know by sight, People Finder Lite can help you to connect. It uses the Bluetooth signal on your phones to connect.

Bluetooth range is from 30 feet on the iPhone 4S to 100 feet on the 5. People and walls can all influence the signal. You may get a rough idea of if the person is close or far away within this distance. You can move around and see what happens.

There are three ways of contacting each other: Call out verbally and listen for the person. Use the Ping button to send them a text message or click on the Call button to call them.

In order to find each other with this app, you must have it running in the foreground. If you are in another app or on the phone, you will not get alerts to other users in your vicinity. When they are nearby and running the app, your phone will ding, assuming you have sound turned on and their phone name will be announced. You can then contact them or not as you wish.

On the People Finder Lite Screen, you will find a list of nearby people and five buttons: Refresh, Settings, Seeing Eye GPS, Instructions and About. The Refresh button will provide a current list of who is nearby. If people leave the area, the list will not always refresh automatically.

On the settings page, you have a couple options. The Name text field refers to what you want your identity to be shown to other People Finder users. Make sure you can be distinguished from others. Remember, only other People Finder users can see your identity and only when you are running the app.

The next field says Phone which is intended to be the text field where you enter your phone number assuming you want the other person to be able to call you. If you leave this blank, they cannot call you but they can still Ping you.

Next is Bluetooth Visibility on and off. If you turn it off, the app won't work. Perhaps you want to temporarily disable the app but keep it on if you want to locate and be located.

There is no Save button. Once you fill in these text fields, click on the Back button to go back to the page where users are displayed.

The Seeing Eye GPS button takes you to information about the Seeing Eye GPS app, which is a complimentary app to the People Finder Lite app.

Please email with comments and suggestions. Let us know what model of iPhone you have and which version of iOS you are running. This app is very much in its early stages. Sometimes, a phone will lock up or not be recognized by another phone. Users, who have appeared in your list, may not disappear when the app is closed. We are very much interested in finding repeatable problems so we can fix them in order to make the app more dependable. There are many features we would also like to add if we can obtain funding for development. Thank you for contributing to this invaluable tool.

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