The Seeing Eye GPS™ Testimonials

Seeing Eye GPS: Three Organizations, One Stellar Effort! Full Article from AccessWorld Magazine. Some excerpts include:

Larry Lewis

Just wanted to pass along a little testimonial about Seeing Eye GPS.
I got an ear ache on Monday, and by Tuesday morning it was very noticeable but still ignorable. By the time I got home from work Tuesday night, it was becoming not so ignorable, and I faced the fact that I would have to do something about it. I'm between doctors at the moment, so my only choices were to go to the ER or to the urgent care place a mile and a half away from my apartment. Trouble was, it was 7:10, and the urgent care place closed at 8:00. No good bus route to get to urgent care, and I figured if I waited on a cab, with my luck it would be 8:00 when the cab showed up. So I took my chances and put the urgent care place's address into Seeing Eye GPS. I was only familiar with maybe a quarter of the route. But away I went with my trusty guide dog and Seeing Eye GPS, and we made it to the urgent care clinic before it closed, with only one wrong turn!

This is not something I would have attempted in a million years if I didn't have a GPS to navigate with. With a mile and a half of traveling, that leaves a lot of margin for error even if I had known each turn on the route, which of course I didn't. I would have taken a cab and, if the cab wasn't prompt in arrival, would have had to go to the expensive and chaotic ER. Just wanted to say thanks for simplifying my life and treatment of an ear infection.

Ear infection is much better now!

Catherine G

Seeing Eye GPS has become our go to ap most of the time when in unfamiliar areas. In fact my sighted wife even prefers this ap while driving. I purchased the original three year option, and have no problems, and no regrets with the ap.

David E

I am writing this to express my gratitude to Sendero for developing Seeing Eye GPS. I swear the app runs better on my 6 Plus, in its responsiveness, than it does on my 5 S. The app is so snappy on my 6 Plus, especially when announcing cross streets when traveling in a vehicle.

The other day, I was traveling with a friend, here in Los Angeles, and she got a bit confused as it was at that time of day when the sun was just sitting on the horizon. As a result, it can be very difficult to read some street signs, at a distance, because of the blazing glare.

Without even thinking about it, I launched Seeing Eye GPS and, seemingly instantly, it began announcing cross streets. Using the app, and being familiar with the general area, I was able to inform her of upcoming intersections, landmarks, etc.

Between the 6 Plus, and Seeing Eye, how can one not believe in magic?

Mark T

When this app became available, I bought the 1 year subscription, and am glad I did. To me, this is like Navigon and Look Around all in one app that, and here is the really important factor, it was designed! for! the! blind!! Now, it is the only app I use. Thank you very much for your dedicated work in getting this to us!

Charles R

Hi fellow Travelers:

Tonight, I attended a cook-out about 4 and a half miles from my home.This house was like going through a maze to get to. In the past, I have used TomTom, uh, we are still looking for the house, so you can forget about that app.

Next, I used Navigon, it worked fine until an update last winter broke the speech on it.

Tonight, of course, I wanted to see how Sendero's Seeing Eye GPS stacked up against the GPS used by the cab driver. Sendero was right on the money. I used the default and we had absolutely no problems in finding this house.

How reassuring it was to hear Charles saying "continue straight." And how nice it was again to hear I had arrived at my destination. Sendero is by far the best navigational tool I have ever seen and the fun was I used the iPad on the way down to this place and only used 6 percent of the battery, which I think is remarkable considering I had a bluetooth keyboard running.

On the way home, I used the iPhone as my backpack was out of reach. Even one of the drivers was curious about this new kid on the block and for once it was cool to hear both the car gps and mine giving the exact same directions simultaneously.

Mary Ellen Earls

I have just recently purchased the Seeing Eye GPS app, and I decided to give it a spin this evening while tackling a fairly new route. Actually, I knew generally where I needed to go, but it's a rather long route, and I mostly needed assistance with street names so as not to make a wrong turn. I really appreciate the fact that the Seeing Eye GPS will track me as I walk, even though I don't necessarily have a particular route or POI programmed in. Furthermore, I absolutely love the additional information given, such as which street is ahead and behind me and which is to the left and right. To some, this type of information might be obvious, but that's not necessarily the case when you live in a area where the surrounding neighborhoods have many roads and streets that like to bend, curb and change names on the fly. I am personally, a big fan of Navigon, and I use it on a very regular basis. However, neither of these features are available in Navigon.

Jenny Wood

Hi fellow travelers!
I just got home from what could have been a harrowing experience, however, I had one Seeing Eye GPS on my iPhone which guided us not without a couple of route recalculations back from the beauty parlor.

Not only did the cab driver have no clue where he was going, but he spoke so little English, that I had to give my directions in very rudimentary Spanish.

A real trip. Anyway I can't possibly imagine what would have happened had I not had this app or any gps app around to know where I was to be able to tell this man how to get out of the pickles he tried to get me into. He kept saying his gps didn't work. I have a feeling it was the man who operated the system rather than the software itself. Ok that's it for me.

Mary Ellen Earls

I've had the very same thing happen on the way to work recently. Seeing Eye GPS saved me!!

I think my driver would have ben better of if he'd had my GPS on his system rather than his.

John Gassman