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The Seeing Eye GPS™ Screens, from left to right, Location Screen, Point of Interest Screen, Route Screen

Seeing Eye GPS™

The Seeing Eye GPS™ is a fully accessible turn-by-turn GPS iPhone app, available in the U.S. and Canada, with all the normal navigation features plus features unique to blind users.

Unique to The Seeing Eye GPS™

  • Instead of multiple layers of menus, the three important navigation elements are on the lower portion of every screen: Route, POIs and Location.
  • At intersections, the street name and your direction of travel are announced.
  • Intersections are described (e.g. four-way) with the clock face orientation of the streets.
  • There are three choices for POI data (Apple, Foursquare, and OSM).
  • Directions are configured appropriately for Pedestrian and Vehicle routes, including heads-up announcements for approaching turns, turn now, continue straight and upcoming turns.
  • If one wanders off the route, it's automatically recalculated and updated turn information is announced.
  • Point your phone in a given direction to hear what is nearby with the LookAround Wand.
  • Nearby Points of interest and intersections are automatically announced.

Check out the User's Guide for details on all features.


Purchase The Seeing Eye GPS™ App in iTunes - free to download, one month free trial available then requires subscription.

You can give the gift of accessible GPS using an iTunes gift card. Note that some states charge tax, so be sure to add 10% to the purchase price just in case. See iTunes Gift cards website for details.