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APH Talking PC Maps Upgrade Instructions

You are eligible for a free upgrade to 2012 software and maps. Software includes new features such as an automated update procedure for software, maps, and Points of Interest. Maps include additions to streets and Points of Interest.

If you don't want to use this free upgrade, call APH Customer Service at 800-223-1839 to set your licenses back to 2011. When the software again shows you the dialog about the new upgrade, check the box that says, "Don't Ask Me Again."

Changes from APH Talking PC Maps Version 2011.2 to Version 2012.6

October 24, 2012

  1. Added the ability to download and install Maps and POIs from within SenderoMaps.
  2. New check for updates feature that can check for updated Maps, user submitted POIs, GPS installers and GTFS feeds.
  3. Synchronize option that can synchronize maps, POIs, GPS installers, license keys, favorites and GTFS feeds from your computer to Sendero GPS for the BrailleNote or Sense Navigation.
  4. Create your own POIs and instantly share them with other Sendero users by submitting them to the large collection of user submitted POIs.
  5. Install maps in one folder on your computer and when synchronizing, have the software automatically sort the maps into specific map regions for better performance on your SD or Compact flash card. Sorting is the default behavior.
  6. When switching map folders you are presented with a list of maps instead of having to browse to another folder. If the automatic detection fails, the option to browse to another map is still available.
  7. Updated Maps and POIs for 2012.
  8. Improved Virtual navigation with respect to direction, announcements and roundabouts.
  9. Virtual navigation now stops are all cross streets except over and underpasses.
  10. Sendero Maps seamlessly handles the switching between screen readers. You no longer need to restart Sendero Maps if you switch screen readers or need to reload your screen reader for any reason.

Downloading and Installing the Upgrade

To install new software and maps, follow these steps:

  1. If you have a previous version of APH Talking PC Maps installed on your computer, do the following:
    • Open the Maps software, Open the Help Menu, select Remove Software License and Exit, press Enter, tab to the Yes button, and activate it. This removes the 2011 software license from your computer so that you can license the upgrade.
    • Completely uninstall APH Talking PC Maps from your computer. The process of uninstalling software differs according to which operating system your computer uses.
    • If you use Windows XP, activate the Add-Remove Programs item in the Control Panel on the Start Menu. Select APH Talking PC Maps and activate the Remove Button. Answer Yes when Windows asks if you want to uninstall. Next, carefully review the list of installed programs again. You may find another listing for APH Talking PC Maps. Uninstall it as you did the first time.
    • If you use Windows 7, activate the Start Menu, type Programs and Features in the Search Box, press Enter, select APH Talking PC Maps, and activate Uninstall. Answer Yes if you are asked if you are sure that you want to uninstall APH Talking PC Maps. Carefully review the list of installed programs. You may find another listing for APH Talking PC Maps. Uninstall this listing as you did the first time.
  2. Download the 2012 Maps software from the Download link below these directions.
  3. Make sure you know how to find this file after you download it.
  4. Select this file and press Enter to run it.
  5. Follow on-screen prompts to install the software.
  6. Note that, after you activate the Finish Button at the end of the installation of APH Talking PC Maps, you will be asked if you want to install Book Wizard Reader. You will need this software to read the manual if you cannot read a computer screen and you do not have a screen reader on your computer. If only persons who can see will use this software on this computer, you will not want to install Book Wizard Reader. If you do have a screen reader, you can read the User's Guide in your web browser and you may not want to install Book Wizard Reader. Note that this installation of Book Wizard Reader can only be used with the APH Talking PC Maps User's Guide.
  7. You will be presented with 14 screens during the installation process. The first seven screens take you through the installation of APH Talking PC Maps, and the next seven screens take you through the optional installation of Book Wizard Reader. Note that the installation process may vary depending on the operating system used by your computer.

Updating Your Licenses With an Internet Connection

If your computer can be connected to the Internet, update your software and maps licenses by doing the following:

  1. Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet.
  2. Open your 2012 software by using the APHTalkingPCMaps icon on your desktop or in your start menu.
  3. If you have had an earlier version of APH Talking PC Maps installed on your computer and your computer is connected to the Internet, the software will retrieve your 2012 license from the Sendero site.
  4. If you have not had APH Talking PC Maps installed on your computer before:
    • Insert the flash drive containing the original software into a USB port in your computer.
    • You will be presented with a screen with fields for your name, a password, and your e-mail address. Screen reader users can tab between these fields. Type in these three pieces of information. You will also notice that several other fields are already filled in (e.g., an identification number for your computer). Activating the OK Button submits your information to the website of Sendero Group, LLC. After the Sendero site receives your information, it sends a license to your computer that allows you to run the software and maps. Software informs you that the license has been retrieved.
  5. Software will note that you do not have any maps installed and will ask if you want to install maps now. Pressing the OK button brings up a dialog from which you can download and install 2012 maps, additional Points of Interest, and transit files. Select the items you want; the software will download and install them for you.
  6. Pressing the F3 key or using the Update menu item brings up this dialog so that you can easily download and install other maps and POI files when you choose.

If Your Maps Computer Cannot be Connected to the Internet

If you have a previous version of the Maps software on the computer, follow the preceding instructions for uninstalling it. Download the 2012 upgrade from a computer connected to the Internet, save it on portable media such as a flash drive, and install it from this portable media.

When you open the software for the first time, you will receive the message, "Unable to connect to to register your product and maps."

To register your software manually, you must do the following:

  • Write down two pieces of information provided on the Registration Screen on the computer on which you have installed APH Talking PC Maps:
    1. The Account ID
    2. The PC ID
  • Take this information with you to a computer that can connect to the Internet.
  • Log into the account created for managing your software on the Sendero website at Use the Account ID you copied from the Registration Screen and a blank password if you have not set one up yet.
  • After logging in, go to the link "Manage PC Licenses" under the heading "License Keys."
  • Enter the PC ID that you copied from the Registration Screen.
  • Write down the License Key for your PC that is then provided by the Sendero website.
  • Bring this License Key with you to the computer on which you have installed APH Talking PC Maps. Start the software and type this License Key into the appropriate field. Activate the OK Button and you will receive the message that your software has been licensed.


The User's Guide for the 2012 software has been revised since the upgrade was made available. The User's Guide accessed through the Manual item on the Help Menu and in the Start Menu contains incorrect information about upgrade procedures. This page and the updated User's Guide contain accurate information about upgrading. Please open, save, and refer to the updated User's Guide found here

Open Revised 2012 APH Talking PC Maps User's Guide Here

Download 2012 APH Talking PC Maps Software Here

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